It's Simple: Spam and You Lose

At, it is our goal to provide a fulfilling experience with everyone that comes into contact with us. We are strongly committed to protecting everyone within the Internet community from being bombarded with annoying electronic messages via email or any other form of unsolicited mass messaging commonly known as "spam".

Spam is a generic term that refers to unsolicited commercial email which is sent to someone without their consent or without having a prior relationship. Other forms of electronic messaging, such as message boards, news groups and instant messaging, which advertise goods and services unrelated to the purpose of the particular messaging forum is also considered "Spam".

As a Member/Affiliate, you must expressly agree not to use spam to obtain referrals. has made it a condition of its users (as outlined in the User Agreement: Terms and Conditions) to expressly agree not to spam to obtain referrals.

As part of our policy, we reserve the right to terminate the user's membership. If it is determined that he or she has engaged in spamming which relates to

In the event that membership is terminated as a consequence of spamming, all of the membership and affiliate benefits, as well as referrals and commissions will immediately be forfeited. Individuals who have their membership terminated as a result of spamming, shall be ineligible to re-establish their membership with To avoid any problems, DO NOT SPAM.

For questions or concerns related to our Anti-spam or termination policies, contact