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Welcome to, a multidimensional resource for people of the Bay Area. Giantgarden is divided into several areas of interest; the Help directory is divided into corresponding areas. If the information you seek is not available on the Help menu or in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, please submit your question by clicking the Contact Us button.
Thank you for choosing as your gardening resource and welcome to the giantgarden family.

The Home page leads you to our four main areas of interest (Directory, Drug Store, Education, Community) with a click of your mouse. Buttons are found along the top of the page. Menu options are located on the left side of the page. Simply click on Menu options to move to the area you desire.

Search will help you locate words and phrases throughout the giantgarden site. An option within will allow you to search the Internet links Giantgarden has provided.

About Us:
Discover when and why giantgarden was created, meet the giantgarden management and view our mission statement by clicking the About Us button.

Your privacy is important; that's why giantgarden created a secure space for user profiles. Your information will be kept confidential and will not be sold or marketed in any way. Please read this section by clicking the Privacy and Terms Of Use buttons.

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Click on Join Now to go to the new member section and register for your giantgarden user account. Please read the Privacy and Terms Of Use sections before becoming a member.

Members' Area:
Members may use this area to get up-to-date activity on their account including gardening points earned and all purchases made. User profiles may be updated and other user information (such as finding a lost password) is available.

Gardening News:
This section contains up-to-date information on what's happening within the gardening community; get the latest updates to giantgarden, local gardening events, clubs and more.

Local News:
Contains local, Bay Area news and sports finals.

Detailed forecasts for specific cities in northern and southern California, five day forecasts and weather radar reports. If your city is not listed, enter the ZIP code in the box at the bottom of the page.

The latest in world news and world gardening information at the click of a button.

A feature enabling you to get listings and detailed reviews of many Bay Area restaurants.

Giantgarden is affiliated with to save you time by allowing you to order groceries online.

Browse through the great recipes submitted by giantgarden members. Read the recipe reviews and rate them yourself. Gardening points (earning great gardening prizes) are awarded for submitting recipes.

Garden Gram:
Send FREE personalized greeting cards for any occasion. Ease your party planning by utilizing giantgarden's help with invitations, guest lists, RSVP's and party ideas.

Gardening Points:                        
We like happy giantgarden users. That's why we created a system of prizes for members who frequent our site and those of our affiliates. Points may be earned by logging on to our site (2 points per day), answering the question of the day correctly (one chance per day), submitting information, recipes, pictures, participating in the chat room, and purchasing goods from stores within our directory system or from our affiliates (,, To view the complete list of gardening prizes, click here.

Directory Section                        

Drugstore Section                        

    Members may shop in the drugstore section for personal care products, over the counter and prescription medication. Come on in and check our prices and selection.

Educational Section                        

    Plant Database:
    Find descriptions and growing instructions for your plants in this section. Links available for chat rooms.

    Virtual Garden:
    Look for this program soon! It is an educational game that simulates gardening in cyberspace. The desktop version of the program begins with a simulation of infertile soil. The educational game progresses through several tiers. In the first tier, the goal is to make the soil fertile using tools such as fertilizer and tillage. As the game progresses, the player chooses crops to grow. The player controls care of the soil and plants and the yields reflect the culture choices made during the game. Perils such as varying amounts of rain, rodents and pests occur. When yields are not optimal, the program provides instructions to aid the player in a better performance next time.

    Gardening Tips:
    Giantgarden is dedicated to helping you with gardening questions. We provide easy to follow links and solutions for your gardening questions.

    Backyard Conservation:
    The Backyard Conservation campaign helps bring agricultural practices down to the backyard level. Implementing these practices will allow you to conserve and improve natural resources while increasing awareness of the environment.

    Information regarding which plants are best suited to micro climates within the region.

    Garden Information Graphics:
    Graphics and text covering everything from deer safe plants to treating house plant pests.
    Gardening, Fruit Production, Landscaping: Gardening resources available to you Weed Photo Gallery: Photo gallery of California weeds and accepted control practices.

    Answers to your home horticulture questions.

    Order your gardening books online through our affiliation with

    Giantgarden enables you to order gardening magazines from all over the world.


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