Why Should I Become A PrePaidCellular.com Affiliate?

I Don't Have A Web site Yet, Can I Be An Affiliate Anyway?
Does it cost to join the PrePaidCellular Affiliate program?
Is my site eligible to become a PrePaidCellular Affiliate?
What are the benefits of joining?
How do you track the customers I send you?
How do I promote my site?
How much will I get paid?
How do I get paid?
What if I still have questions?

Why should I Become A PrePaidCellular.Com Affiliate?
As you probably already know, prepaid cellular is one of the fastest growing segments of wireless communications. Prepaid cellular opens up a world of opportunity to market to people who either can't qualify for traditional cellular service, are too young to enter into a cellular contract, and those who've canceled their cellular service because of the inability to control costs. PrePaidCellular.com has an Affiliate Program that allows you to offer prepaid cellular products and services, including prepaid cellular phones, accessories and prepaid cellular cards to your web site visitors. By placing a link on your web site to our products and services, your visitors can search our online catalog and make purchases. We pay you for every product sale that originates from your web site.

I Don't Have A Web site Yet. Can I Be An Affiliate Anyway?
Yes. Just by having a link on your personal email that allows people to link to our site qualifies. You do not need a live web site in order to apply to become a PrePaidCellular.com Affiliate.

Does it cost to join the PrepaidCellular Affiliate program?
PrePaidCellular.com offers various distributor and Affiliate programs. Our standard Internet Affiliate program is absolutely free. If you are interested in our "mirrored site" or off-line distributorship, please contact us at 1-877-923-5585 or by email affiliates@prepaidcellular.com.
Is my site eligible to become a PrepaidCellular Affiliate?
Almost any web site, as long as it does not contain pornographic, violent or otherwise objectionable content, is eligible. Currently international sites are not eligible.
What are the benefits of joining?
By becoming a PrePaidCellular Affiliate, you have an opportunity to capture revenues in one of the fastest growing fields for telecommunications -increase the profitability and value of your site - with minimal effort and little or no cost on your part. Once you set up the link to our web site, we take it from there. We track all the customers you send us, we handle credit card processing and customer service.
How do you track the customers I send you?
A programming tool called a Tag Generator is activated every time one of your visitors clicks through to PrePaidCellular. This tool is sophisticated enough to track which customers make a purchase. You can run a report anytime to see what activity your site is generating.
What about promoting my site?
We encourage you to submit your URL to search engine services such as Submit it! or Web Site Garage to drive more traffic to your site.
How much will I get paid?
The more products your visitors purchase on each visit, the more money you make.

Referral Fee Schedule
Net Card Sales       Referral%
$0 - $1000                      5%
$1001 - $2500               10%
$2501 +                        14%

Net card sales are the amounts paid by customers who purchase prepaid telephone cards, excluding amounts due to credit card fraud, charge-backs, bad debt and credits for cancelled services.
How do I get paid?
Subject to the following, we send you a check on a monthly basis, reflecting all your commissions if any, on all the sales you generate. The date we accept you into the program is the beginning of your first monthly period. If your commission is less than $5.00 in any one month, we carry that amount over to the next month and include it in your next check. In order for us to pay you, we will need your federal tax ID or SSN number. Please include this information on your application, otherwise we will not accept your application.
What if I still have questions?
You can always contact us at affiliates@PrepaidCellular.com

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