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Tom Carrol

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Nathan Fletcher
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Tom Carrol

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  Locations 2ft+: 111
  Location 2-4ft: 111
  Locations 4-6ft: 111
  Locations 6-10ft: 111
  Locations 10-15ft: 111
  Locations 15-20ft: 111
  Locations 20ft+: 111
  Surfers Total: 111
  Average crowd: 111

  Waves covered: 111
  Members globally: 111
  Users logged-in: 111

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  What is the WorldofWaves Club League?

  • Any WorldofWaves surf community may register a club online and join the league
  • You may have as many members as you like
  • You must have a chairperson who is an adult
  • For competitions you must field a 6 member team consisting of:
          1 senior (35+),
          1 junior (15 or younger),
          1 female
          3 open category contestants
  • You may field an A and a B team against teams that also have an A and B team
  • You must register your club by January 1st in order to take part in the league for that year

    Following the January 1st deadline each year, WorldofWaves will post the contest schedule for each country on the Internet. Teams must attend and compete at all their allocated contest meets or they will be penalized through the deduction of points.

    Results and highlights of each competition will be posted on WorldofWaves.

    The best wave ridden by each member of your team will be filmed by your local WorldofWaves manager. The manager will load these files onto our hard drives which can be found in any WorldofWaves Surf Shop. These files will be delivered to WorldofWaves HQ and judged by our specialist team. Your club will be placed in a world club ranking table based on the scores awarded. The rankings will be reviewed monthly and posted on WorldofWaves.

    The national league will produce a WorldofWaves National Club League Champion. Each of these clubs together with the any members of the top 10 in the year end world rankings that are not national champions will meet to the WorldofWaves World Club Championships.

    The WorldofWaves World Club league Champions will be crowned following this annual event.

    Sponsorships and grants will be available for teams competing in the final contest.

    WorldofWaves has automated all parts of club administration. All the works been done by us. You just supply the surfing and the party.

    Club registration and further details


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