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Welcome to 24HourEmail.com's affiliate program. Our affiliate program may not be the easiest to qualify for, but if you believe "time is money", spend a little time to make a lot of money.

Can you sell Free Email?
Not only will 24HourEmail.com save you time and money, but it can also make you money when you tell others about our fantastic email service. Look, we realize no matter how hard we try, it is physically impossible for us to reach every single person that could benefit from our service. We are more than happy to share the profits with you for telling others. When you qualify for our Affiliate program, we'll build you a customized site, we'll give you a unique affiliate ID, and we'll pay you 1 dollar for each person that joins our free email service, and signs up as an affiliate. Simply refer others to your web site, and we do the rest. Not only do you receive income from your immediate referrals, but you also receive income from your sub-affiliates!

You Can Make Even More Money!
To help quickly spread the word, 24HourEmail.com uses the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Affiliate Program. This program compensates you down to five (5) levels. This makes it extremely beneficial for you to share the 24HourEmail.com program with your online friends and associates.

Click here to learn how the peer-to-peer program works!

What Sales Tools Do You Provide to Help us Succeed?
It is truly our motto "When you succeed, We succeed". 24HourEmail.com provides you with the most advanced tools possible to help promote your affiliate site.

  • Self-Replicating Site: for quicker site launches and "no hassle" site updates.

  • Customized Affiliate Link: your own affiliate link, so your prospects are only a click away.

  • Real Time Sales Information: you'll know when and how many referrals sign-up, the second they join

  • Email Notification: you'll receive instant notification via email when a new sub-affiliate signs up.

  • International Affiliates: Yes, we also accept affiliates from outside the U.S. To see a list of the available countries:

    click here

  • Easy Access: we monitor our email, Affiliates@24HourEmail.com virtually 24 hours a day
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