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What you're about to discover is the most powerful, simple, and virtually risk-Free way of earning an income as an Internet affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is on the rise. Companies like Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and others have all experienced the success of affiliate marketing. Amazon.com boasts over 500,000 affiliates alone!

Experts predict affiliate marketing will grow from a $9.3 Billion dollar business in 1999 ballooning to over $68.5 Billion dollars by year-end 2005. How much of this booming market will you get?

By simply referring others to our Free email service, you help us grow, and create an immediate up-front income for yourself. You can also lock-in a residual income by signing up an extensive list of sub-affiliates. Your sub-affiliate list will continue to grow, all from your initial efforts and from those who sign-up after you. Selling Free email is pretty easy!

Imagine how much easier life will be when you're earning an extra $500 to $1,000 or more each month, in passive income, even while you're sleeping!

Here's How to Get Started

It's simple. The first step is to sign-up for our Free email services and register to become an affiliate. Click on the "Join Now" icon at the bottom of the page. This takes you to the registration form.

Sign-up for a FREE Paypal account. Paypal is the largest online payment system. We use PayPal to send commissions. PayPal is the easiest way to send money to anyone with an email address-even if they don't have a PayPal account. Paypal.com currently has over 4,000,000 registered users.


Sign-up for PayPal today, and receive $5.00 just for signing up for their FREE service! (U.S. Residents only.)

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Upon confirmation that you've completed the new affiliate sign-up, your name will be listed in the 5th position on the Sponsoring Affiliate chart. As new affiliates join, you will receive $1 dollar for each direct referral through your site, and $1 dollar for each of your sub-affiliate's referrals.

Sponsoring Affiliate Chart
1. johnny@24houremail.com
2. fritts@24houremail.com
3. voates@24houremail.com
4. bann@24houremail.com
5. dabachg@24houremail.com

Let others know about the service and opportunity. There are many ways to tell others about 24HourEmail but the easiest way is e-mail. Many of our affiliates do nothing more than print their 24HourEmail.com web address on business cards, stationery, chatrooms, newsgroups, and Internet bulletin boards. (see our No Spam policy)

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