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PrepaidCellular.com is proud to offer you TracFone, America's # 1 Prepaid Cellular Service.

We know that you will enjoy the freedom of not having to deal with binding long term contracts. With TracFone, your cellular service will be greatly simplified - you pay for only what you use ... as it should be!

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Starter Package
With a TRACFONE cellular phone you can receive and make local or long distance calls (including roaming) on your new Nokia 918 Cellular Phone. (Comes complete with 40 Units of Calling Time, Leather Case, and Battery Charger).

Purchase additional prepaid phone cards for your TracFone.

$7.99 = 10 units,
$19.99 = 30 units,
$49.99 = 100 units,
$99 = 260 units.

Unused Airtime Never Expires! No Reactivation Fees! With TracFone there are no hidden costs. All taxes are included; there are no call connect fees - There are no other costs PERIOD!

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