Why do I have to charge my TRACFONE for 15 hours before programming?
This gives your battery a FULL charge that will extend the use of the battery and enable the TRACFONE to be programmed properly. After the initial programming and activation process, you may only have to charge your TRACFONE battery for 8 hours. For further battery care of your TRACFONE, see the owner's manual located in your TRACFONE packaging.

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How do I program my TRACFONE?
Just call Topp Telecom at 1-800-867-7183 and press the prompt for activations. An operator will quickly talk you through the manual programming by giving you a set of codes to be entered into the phone. This process puts the information into your phone for your local area. In the event you move, simply call Topp Telecom to reprogram the phone for your new local area.

How is my phone activated for use?
The programming information is then forwarded by Topp Telecom to the local cellular carrier so that they can ACTIVATE your phone so you can receive service. You do not need to call any local cellular carriers to check on an activation. Please refer all questions to Topp Telecom at 1-800-867-7183.

How do I know if my TRACFONE is activated and ready to use?
You must check to see if your TRACFONE is activated by placing a Test Call to it. The Test Call is the first call you must make TO your TRACFONE from WITHIN THE LOCALLY PROGRAMMED CALLING AREA. To place the Test Call you must:
1. Turn your TRACFONE on (you cannot receive a call on your phone unless it is powered on).
2. Pull your antenna all they way up.
3. Make sure you have at least 4 bars of signal strength on the phone display (if you have less than 4 bars move to an area where the signal strength is stronger such as an open window or away from tall structures).
4. Place a call FROM a local landline (home or pay phone) TO the TRACFONE. Don't answer the phone, it will deduct units. If the phone rings, it is active.
5. Then place a call FROM your new TRACFONE TO the local landline. This call is important because it loads your phone number into the switch of your locally programmed calling area. Again, don't answer the phone as it will deduct units.
Your TRACFONE is now activated and ready to use!

What if I place the Test Call To my TRACFONE, and instead of it ringing, I receive a recorded message?
If this happens, wait the full Activation time and try placing the Test call again. You may have called before Topp had time to Activate your phone. If you did wait the full Activation time and still receive a recorded message, immediately call customer service at 1-800-867-7183 from another phone, and the Topp Operator will remedy the situation.

What area does TRACFONE service?
The TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Service is available in 100% of the cellular markets in the domestic United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This service is available wherever there is cellular coverage.

How often do I need to purchase and redeem a TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Card?
You must purchase and redeem a prepaid cellular card when you run out of airtime units or before your access time expires, whichever comes first. The amount of units you use is entirely up to you. The minimum purchase amount is 30 units. Your access time expires every 60 days. Your access time expiration date will show up on your phone display every time you turn on the TRACFONE.

What happens if Topp Telecom tells me that I have airtime not paid for?
It means the Topp Telecom's system of controls has detected unmatched usage of your phone, signifying unauthorized use of our service. You will not be able to redeem any further airtime and your service will be immediately terminated.

How will I know I need a new prepaid cellular card without making a call?
If the phone is out of airtime units, it will display “TANK EMPTY.” Where can I purchase a Prepaid Cellular Card? or

What happens if I forget to purchase and redeem airtime?
If in the event you do not redeem a prepaid cellular card every sixty days, service will become suspended until you redeem a prepaid cellular card at which time we will reactivate your service and may have to reassign you with another phone number.

What will I be charged to use my TRACFONE?
The TRACFONE deducts units at a rate of 1 unit per minute of local calls, 1.5 for long distance and 3 units per minute for roaming calls. The only charges for the use of TRACFONE is the prepaid cellular card you must purchase every (60) sixty days to keep your service. If your service should be deactivated, you will just need to purchase additional airtime. There is NO fee for reactivation! 911 calls are FREE on the TRACFONE, provided you press the 9 key instead of dialing 911. REMEMBER, with TRACFONE there are NO MONTHLY FEES, NO TELECOMMUNICATION TAXES and FEES, NO MONTHLY AIRTIME EXPIRATION, RELOCATION or REACTIVATION FEES.

Why would my phone number be cancelled if it were not active for a period of two months?
Because we are absorbing substantial line charges every month when we issue you a phone number. We have no way of knowing if you will buy more airtime. The only way we can stop the line charge expense to us, is by canceling the phone numbers that are inactive. All it takes to get your phone active again is to purchase a TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Card and a call to our Customer Service Center, and we will give you a new number.

If my service is deactivated, will I lose my airtime units?
No! You will not lose any airtime units. The units remaining on your phone will carry over when your service is reactivated.

What should I do if I move to another city and need to change to a new local number? If relocating to a new home area in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, simply call Topp Telecom at 1-800-867-7183. You will be reassigned a new local cellular phone number. The changing of local numbers can only be done four (4) times in a given year per subscriber. Any unused airtime units will remain in the phone.

What is Roaming? Roaming is when you and your TRACFONE travel outside your locally programmed calling area. Once you travel outside this local calling area, the Roaming Light will show up on your TRACFONE display. Once you return to your local calling area, this icon will disappear. The Topp Operator will give you special instructions on how to receive calls on your TRACFONE when roaming outside the local area.

Roaming Instructions
The TRACFONE automatically switches to roam when you leave your area and airtime is deducted at 3 units per minute talk time. Minutes are rounded up when calculating unit deduction. Check your operations manual to see what the phone will display when roaming; often there is a “RM” or “ROAM” lighted display. You can place calls on your TRACFONE while roaming; however, to receive calls you must activate the;
Follow Me Roaming Feature:
To activate this feature, you must find out what Carrier Band your phone is programmed on. To locate your Carrier Band, look at your TRACFONE display on the bottom center of the screen. Your screen will display either A or B. If your TRACFONE displays the Carrier Band B, to enable the Follow Me Roaming feature you must:
1. Before leaving your local area, press * 18 + Send + End
2. Turn your phone off for 30 minutes, so that your TRACFONE will register this code into the local calling switch.
3. Then you may leave your local calling area and receive calls! You must initiate the Roaming Feature once every 24 hours while roaming.
4. To disable this Roaming Feature when you return to your local calling area, Press *19 + Send + End. If your TRACFONE displays Carrier Band A, to enable the Follow Me Roaming Feature you must:
5. Before leaving your local area, press * 350 + Send + End
6. Turn your phone off for 30 minutes, so that your TRACFONE will register this code into the local calling switch.
7. Then you may leave your local calling area and receive calls! You must initiate this Roaming Feature once every 24 hours while roaming.
8. To disable this Roaming Feature when you return to your local calling area, Press * 351 + Send + End.
If your TRACFONE displays a Carrier Band anything other than A or B, contact TRACFONE Technical Support Department by dialing 1-800-867-7183.

What is Fraud Force? (sometimes referred to as authentication or cloning protection)
Fraud Force are areas of the United States that require you to dial out on your TRACFONE with the use of a 4-digit pin number. This requirement is for security reasons, and will help protect your phone from being used by any unauthorized person. Refer to your operating manual to use the AUTO-STORE pin feature that will allow you to store your 4 digit pin in memory so that you only have to hit send twice when prompted by the tone in areas requiring pin code usage. Topp Telecom is committed to detecting cellular fraud. Cellular Fraud is defined as the unauthorized use, tampering or manipulation of a cellular phone or service. Cellular Fraud is considered a federal crime. Those who are caught will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Topp Telecom reserves the right to discontinue service to any TRACFONE subscriber without reimbursement of the cost of the phone and/or purchases of airtime cards.

What if my phone is cloned?
In the event your cellular number is cloned, your TRACFONE may display "No Service". Call Topp Telecom so that a new number may issued at no charge. There will be no loss of any prepaid cellular airtime on the TRACFONE.

Where can I purchase accessories to go with my TRACFONE?
You can contact us by phone at 1-877-YCELLULAR (923-5585) or visit online at or

What should I do if I experience problems with my TRACFONE?
If you experience any problems with your TRACFONE, please call Topp Telecom Customer Service at 1-800-867-7183. The Topp Operator will be happy to assist you with any TRACFONE related problems that may arise. The Topp Telecom Customer Service hours of operation are 8:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, seven days a week.

What is the warranty on my TRACFONE?
Topp Telecom guarantees the customer with a fully operational TRACFONE. Topp Telecom does NOT issue refunds, but will gladly repair or replace any TRACFONE that is defective for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. Refurbished phone will have a ninety-(90) day warranty. Accessories such as adapters, desktop chargers and batteries have a 90-day replacement warranty. To obtain a Return Authorization Number for TRACFONE products, please contact Topp Telecom at 1-800-299-7280. The Topp Telecom warranty does not cover customer abuse of the phone, such as scratched display, water damage, broken case, broken antenna, and damage as a result of dropping the phone or opening the phone casing.

What are the airtime rates?
TRACFONE's airtime rates include all monthly fees, telecommunication taxes, connection fees, excise taxes, tolls and service fees. With TRACFONE unused airtime never expires and there are never relocation, cancellation or reactivation fees. TRACFONE airtime cards are sold in different denominations so that it can address different usage patterns. To truly calculate how airtime rates compare, you will need to do the math and factor all of the above fees that are included with TRACFONE.

Is there a contract?
No. With prepaid cellular from TRACFONE, there are no contracts, deposits, credit checks, phone bills or monthly service fees. There is not even an age limit!

What if I don't redeem a prepaid cellular card every 60 days?

With TRACFONE, you only need to redeem a prepaid cellular card every 60 days to maintain your cellular service. If you go past 60 days, your service will be suspended. All you have to do is purchase and redeem a prepaid cellular card to continue service; a new number may be issued. For additional prepaid cellular cards, visit us online at

How does my TRACFONE differ from a regular telephone?
Your TRACFONE is a cellular telephone and operates as a mobile phone, therefore it does not work exactly the same as your home telephone, meaning you may have an occasional interruption. Your phone will work well in town, but in some rural areas you may have an occasional service problem. Some areas in the country do not have proper cellular coverage.

How can I make sure my TRACFONE does not continue deducting units after I have completed my call?
Press END after you have completed your call, otherwise units will continue to deduct. Topp Telecom does not refund lost units.

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