Terms and Conditions of Service

Upon activation of cellular radio service ("Service"), customer ("You") agrees to the following terms and conditions:

To maintain TRACFONE cellular service and keep the local phone number - purchase and redeem one cellular prepaid card every (60) sixty days.

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You may purchase as many TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Cards as you want. TRACFONE will display the sixty (60) day due date reminder every time you turn your phone on. If you do not purchase, and redeem at least one TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Card within sixty (60) days of initial programming and set-up, the Service will be suspended.

If your Service does become suspended, purchasing and redeeming a TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Card will reactivate Service; however, a different phone number will likely be assigned. You (the customer) have no property interest or other proprietary interest in any telephone access number assigned. Each card redeemed will extend service by sixty (60) days, from the date of redemption.

Any and all tampering or falsification or entering of codes not properly authorized by Topp Telecom, Inc. may result in immediate discontinuance of service and prosecution to the full extend of the law. Topp Telecom, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any TRACFONE Service without notice.

TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Airtime is issued in Unit increments. Units are depleted from the TRACFONE cellular phone in the following manner:

Number of Units Charged per Minute of Airtime Used

1 Unit = Calls originating and ending inside local calling area.
1.5 Units = Calls originating in the local calling area to locations outside the local calling area.
3 Units = Roaming and Roaming Long Distance.

Your TRACFONE cellular phone will display if you are being deducted 1, 1.5 or 3 units as well as when you are roaming.

Airtime rate plans are subject to change without any prior notice.

Phones activated as a TRACFONE will only work with TRACFONE Prepaid Cellular Service and cannot be transferred to another carrier. The Customer is charged for all time during which Customer or their authorized users are connected to or using the cellular system of Carrier or any other provider of cellular or ancillary services. Use of a cellular system typically begins when the user initiates a call by pressing the send button or upon receiving a call and does not end until the user presses the end button or the call is otherwise terminated. All calls are rounded up to the next full minute in calculating units charged. For outbound calls there is no charge for incomplete and busy-no answer calls as long as you disconnect these calls within 5 seconds of pressing the send key. With incoming calls you will be charged airtime upon pressing key on the keypad to answer a call. TRACFONE cellular phone displays the time of each call.

No credits are given for dropped calls. 911 Calls are FREE when auto-dialing by holding down the 9 key for at least 2 seconds. Units will be deducted when manually dialing 911 and hitting send.

Advertised free calls such as 411 and 611 are not free with TRACFONE and shall be charged (1 Unit = 1 minute); refer to the Number of Units Charged per Minute of Airtime Used for long distance and roaming calls.

International calls are blocked. To make international calls, you will need to subscribe to a long distance calling or prepay long distance calling card that permits 1-800 dialing access. Topp Telecom does not sell these International cards. No enhanced features such as voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, display message service (DMS) or call accounting are available.

Limitation of Liability
Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by atmospheric topographical and other conditions. Further, service may be temporarily refused, limited, interrupted or curtailed due to system capacity limitations or limitations imposed by another carrier, or because of equipment modifications, upgrades, repairs or relocations or other similar activities necessary or proper for the operation or improvement of Carrier's radio telephone system.