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With a prepaid cellular phone from TRACFONE, you can make and receive calls. You can make local or long distance calls. Since roaming is permitted, you may also use TRACFONE prepaid cellular virtually everywhere in the United States that there is cellular coverage.

With prepaid cellular from TRACFONE, you prepay for cellular service by purchasing TRACFONE prepaid cellular cards at any TRACFONE Authorized Dealer or conveniently online at

To activate your TRACFONE, all it takes is one phone call to the customer service center. But before you call quickly follow these simple steps to prevent programming and activation delays.

1. Charge the battery according to the manufacturer's instructions included in your package. (typically 15 hours)

2. Have the Phone Serial Number (ESN) of your TRACFONE ready for the customer service operator. To obtain your phone serial number, remove the battery from your cellular phone and locate the serial number on the back of the phone. The serial number will be after the words Decimal ESN, ESN, SN, or Serial No.

3. Select a PIN number that will be easy for you to remember. This number cannot start with a zero (0452), it cannot be sequential (1234), or have all repetitive numbers (4444).

4. Now, have the information available for the Operator for activation. We recommend that you keep this information handy at all times.

5. You must have your TRACFONE with you during the programming/activation process.

6. Call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-867-7183 from a regular phone line.

7. After your phone is programmed wait 24 to 48 hours to perform an activation test call.

8. To test your phone you will need to do the following:
A) Turn on your phone.
B) Pull up the antenna.
C) Call your cellular phone from a landline (home or pay phone). This first call MUST be in the local area (your phone should not display roam). If the phone rings, it means that it is active and ready to use! (DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE SINCE IT WILL DEDUCT UNITS).

9. Now, you will need to place a test call from your TRACFONE to a local number. If the phone does not ring do not attempt to make any calls since the TRACFONE will deduct units. If the phone does ring, it means that the activation process is completed. (IF IT DOES NOT RING, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE ANY CALLS SINCE THE TRACFONE WILL DEDUCT UNITS).

10. If either step 8 or 9 did not work, wait an additional 24 hours before performing the activation test again. If the phone still does not ring, please call us back at the Customer Service Center 1-800- 867-7183.


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