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Since those early days we have seen dramatic improvements in the capability of the PC platform. Microsoft’s Windows NT® Server Strategy and BackOffice® Product Suite have brought the robust, secure, scalable, and adaptable computing platform that is truly “best of breed” to the business world.

We have spent the last seven years growing with this platform. We still believe, not only in what it is capable of delivering today, but where it will go into the next century. We have maintained a strong partnership with Microsoft and with other companies that believe in this vision. Our development and project management staff have the experience and skill needed to deliver a robust solution. In fact, we certify our technical staff members at the highest level Microsoft provides.

Today, with Microsoft BackOffice®, Client/Server computing has become an economical reality for companies of all sizes. Microsoft SQLServer®, Exchange®, Visual Basic®, Transaction Server®, and Site Server® all integrate so well together, providing all the tools needed for a Client/Server solution. And the good news is... this is just the beginning!

Rebecca Bailey

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Year 2000

Sycamore Software was founded on a belief that the Microsoft computing strategy and Microsoft Windows® platform would grow to become the tremendous force that it is today. Prior to the company start up in 1990, the founders, and most of our systems designers, were developing applications in Windows 1.0 and 2.0. While we struggled at times to develop systems in these early versions, we could see the vision of what was to come.