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Client/Server Application Development

What is Client/Server Computing?

Client/Server computing is a method of computing in which two or more computers share processing across a network. The server computer manages a shared resource, such as a database, and responds to requests from clients for use of this resource. The client computer interacts with a user and makes requests for use of a shared resource. Client/Server computing separates the functions of an application into two distinct parts: a "front end" component and a "back end" component. The client application presents and manipulates data on the workstation; and the server stores, retrieves, and protects data.

Key Benefits

Adaptability and Scalability
Easier and friendlier access to data
Mission-critical applications


Sycamore Software provides the complete set of design and development services required for Client/Server computing. We understand the server and DBMS, as well as the development of the user applications that access the server data. Thus we can deliver the entire system and ensure that all components work well together. Regardless of the size of your application, transaction volume, and user base, we can design the right model to process the information efficiently.

The Client/Server Computing model allows us to develop a system using two or more different applications... one or more that runs on the server processor and one that runs on each of the client processors. Each application then can be designed and tuned to perform at its optimum for its specific role.