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Economies of Skil

l In the practice of software development, there are rarely any "economies of scale" that you might find in other production or service fields. Most often you will find the opposite; placing large numbers of programmers on a project or task can almost certainly ensure failure or at least serious time delays. Software development productivity and quality instead requires "economies of skill." Any size software challenge can be be tackled with small teams of highly-skilled individuals.

At Sycamore Software Development Corporation we understand and follow this as our business philosophy. We believe our success in meeting both your and our high standards of excellence for software development depends on our ability to attract and reward highly-talented, motivated, experienced individuals. As a result, we have chosen to keep our development staff small and highly-skilled, rather than risk providing inexperienced "programming resources" to fill a project. In fact, we would rather turn away work than compromise the quality of services we deliver.

When you choose Sycamore Software, you benefit from "economies of skill." You can be assured of having high-quality developers assigned to your project, along with the backing of an organization with a broad base of experience and skills.