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SSDC is a leading developer of applications that are designed to run over the World Wide Web (Internet) or over an internal Intranet. We can develop client and/or server side objects (ActiveX controls, Java Applets, and Active Documents) to perform specialized capabilities on your Internet/Intranet site. Listed below are just a few examples of applications that can be developed to run in a browser.


1999 is the year of the Internet. No matter the size of your company, a presence on the Internet has become a Customer Expectation. Sycamore Software can help you develop your product database, create fast, easy to use menus for searching and ordering, process orders and ensure they get to you. Whether you already have a web site and want us to add electronic commerce to it, or would like us to develop and even host your web site, we can get you there! For more information on our Internet Services, see our Internet pages.

Customer Service Webs

If you have a need to get information to your customers when they request it, a Customer Service Website might be the solution. Whether the information is detailed specifications, lot certificates, warranty registration, or order status, this information can be easily disseminated via the Internet. For example, we developed a web site to allow customers to order environmental hazard reports and retrieve them via the internet. Such sites can require a login and password to ensure the customer can see only their own information.

Intranet Applications

Many companies are moving traditional internal applications to their Intranet. This enables IS to deploy systems quickly and broadly through-out their offices and only requires the support of the browser on the user end of the system. By requiring only a browser on the user end, IS costs are reduced dramatically. New versions of the application can be deployed immediately, because the software is located centrally on the corporate server and not locally on the user's computer. Additionally, this architecture removes the un-ending battle of trying to get an application to work on every different computer in your company. Here are a few examples...


SSDC developed a Time and Billing System, allowing employees to log and track their time by customer and task.

SSDC developed an internal Order Entry and Management System which allows users from sites across the country to enter and view orders in a single corporate database.

The applications for this technology are endless. Virtually anything you would need to do over a local or remote connection can now be accomplished over the Internet or an Intranet.