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Geographic Information System Development

Sycamore Software has a wealth of expertise in the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We can develop applications that will allow you to view and analyze business data by geographic location.

Listed below are just a few examples of GIS applications that can be developed for your business.


View sales by region on a map of the United States
Each Sales region can be color-coded to show the level of sales the region generated. By connecting to a database of customer locations and sales by customer, the sales can be connected to a region.

Display Customer Locations
Whether you need to deliver product, dispatch service personnel, or simply assist sales respresentatives in finding customers, this application could allow users to quickly and easily find a customer location.

Identify Competitor's Proximity
This application can identify and pinpoint actual competitor stores and the proximity (distance in miles) to your own stores.

Real Estate Information
Show the location of your Real Estate listings on a map of the area.


Using street mapping ActiveX components from CheckPoint Technologies Inc., we can develop economical geographic information systems that provide simple, well-integrated access to street level mapping and geo-coded analysis.