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Custom Application Billing Options

Sycamore Software is willing to provide services on either a Fixed Bid or Hourly basis. Many of our competitors will not perform work on a Fixed Bid basis. This is generally because they are not confident in the skills of their developers and want you to own the risk for project overages. Whether Fixed Bid or Hourly, SSDC provides your most economical means of getting the project delivered. Because our skills are so much higher than our competitors, we can complete the project and get it in your user's hands at cost that is exponentially lower than anyone else can.

Fixed Bid Requirements

In order to provide a fixed bid for services, SSDC requires a set of detailed specifications for your system. Depending on how well developed the specifications are, we will require some hourly effort to develop the firm fixed bid. In some cases, this hourly effort is used to develop the specification by meeting with users, analyzing existing systems and processes, and creating preliminary designs. Generally, we can provide an "Order of Magnitude" estimate for delivery of the project prior to the use of these hours to give you a feel for the overall cost.

Once we have developed and presented a Fixed Bid, we will be able to work quickly to deliver against the requirements specified. Should any changes in your needs arise, we will estimate and track change orders, giving you the option of accepting them or not. Often change orders result in very little or no cost change, but are still important to provide for clarity of the project deliverables.

Fixed Bid contracts move the cost risk from you to us. However, we are so confident in our skills that we do not view this as a significant risk. Fixed Bid contracts are generally completed on our site, to maximize our developer's productivity.

Hourly Contracts

Sycamore Software is willing to perform work on an hourly basis as well. We can provide an "Order of Magnitude" estimate for hourly efforts also. Hourly contracts make most sense when a very detailed specification cannot be developed, when an application is developed in an iteractive fashion with user-input along the way, or when you prefer to oversee and direct the efforts of the developers. Most often hourly contracts are performed on your site, but can also be performed at our site. In either case, we maintain detailed timelogs and report biweekly on the hours and progress we are are making.

Pre-payment Discount Option

Whether your contract is Hourly or Fixed Bid, Sycamore Software offers strong incentives for pre-payment.

Contact us today for an estimate on your custom software development needs. We can provide an "Order of Magnitude" estimate and help you determine which payment option will suit you best.