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Database Design, Development, and Migration Services

Sycamore Software has a strong staff of database specialists, providing database and data flow design, database development and implementation, and ongoing database tuning and administration services.

We design databases for efficient access and updating. We are highly skilled in SQL Server DBMS, our preferred Client/Server database platform, as well as Microsoft Access, and Oracle. We can assist your organization in developing completely new data sources as well as upsizing PC databases and downsizing mainframe databases.

Key Benefits

Data Security and Integrity
Database Tuning and Administration
Strong Understanding of ODBC
Connectivity to multiple data sources
Expertise in Microsoft Transaction Server
Data Planning and Migration


Database Design and Development
We spend the time to understand your business information and how you need to access and use it. We then develop the data model that will meet this need and provide future flexibility. We have expertise in designing distributed databases and in implementing them using database replication tools and triggers. Your database plan will be documented and presented in an understandable format.

Database Migration (Upsizing and Downsizing)
We have provided data migration services from many PC databases including dBase, Borland Paradox, Microsoft FoxPro, Microsoft Access, Superbase, and WP DataPerfect to Client/Server DBMS systems. We have assisted many companies in upsizing MS Access databases using the SQL Server upsizing wizard and our own set of customized tools. Downsizing services include migration planning and interim processing using tools for downloading and screen scraping, as well as tools for LAN-mainframe connectivity.

Database Administration, Tuning, and Support
Use our services to perform these tasks or allow us to train your database administrator and augment his/her skills to perform the highly technical tuning and support tasks.

Internet/Intranet Database Connectivity
Whether your web site is an Internet or Intranet site, connecting to full client/server database provides dynamic and secure data access to your enterprise database server. Internally on your Intranet you may wish to provide employee's with up-to-date policies or benefit plans balances. Externally you may wish to provide customers with the latest pricing or product distributor listings. These tasks would require large staffs to keep static web pages up to date, but by connecting to your database, you can provide this information dynamically.